Gremlin died of natural causes at approximately 1:15am Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday, January 11, 2000. His health had declined steadily over his last few days, but he remained affectionate in his way (and just as ornery). We were with him at the end, and we take comfort with the knowledge that he lived a long and comfortable life with people who loved him very much. We will miss his morning greetings, the way he thumped when we slept in too late, and his lust for carrots and kale.

Thank you, Gremlin, for the joy you have given us for the past seven years.

Born in August, 1992, our Gremlin is a 9-pound French lop rabbit. He is all black, except for chocolate brown on the bottoms of his feet.

We found him roaming the streets of Cupertino, California on December 22, 1992. We took him in and posted flyers to locate his people. On December 24, they called to explain that he escaped from their back yard by digging under the fence, and to ask if we would like to keep him. It turned out that the woman of the house was allergic to him, and he chased the children and bit their ankles.

Today, he continues to live up to his name by chewing cables, particularly our thin Ethernet backbone. He loves to terrorize the cat, and he continues to pounce on people's ankles and generally get underneath anything they happen to carry. He especially enjoys charging anything that enters his cage, an activity that has earned him the nicknames "The Dark One," "Psycho Killer Rabbit of Death from the Moon," and "Tyrannorabbit Rex."

People considering adopting a rabbit should know that rabbits require a serious commitment from their caretakers. Please read this document about the Care and Feeding of the Domesticated Rabbit, and become aquainted with the House Rabbit Society.

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