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I'm an avid (or is it rabid?) volleyball player, having first learned the game in 1980. I play in several local leagues, as an outside hitter, middle blocker, and setter. I also referee.

Volleyball World Wide
This is Tom Jack's excellent volleyball reference page. It contains a lot of stuff about the game in general, as well as news within the San Francisco Bay Area volleyball community.

Industrial Volleyball League
The IVL is a regional volleyball league located in the southern San Francisco peninsula and San Jose area, run by former All-American Kirk Anderson. This section gives contact information, directions to the IVL's gyms, and league rules.

USA Volleyball
This organization coordinates play at the regional and national level in the USA. For those who are interested in reading the official rules of the game, you can find them at http://www.usavolleyball.org/RulesOfficials/

Federation Internationale de Volleyball-FIVB.
This is the official Web site of the International Volleyball Federation, which organizes world-class competition.

Photo Album
Here are a few pictures of me on the volleyball court.

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